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We recently launched a new release of Formdesk. We would like to briefly explain the most important changes.

In this new release, we are introducing support for:

  • The QR code
  • OpenID-Connect
  • Multiple supervisors
  • API tokens

QR Code


Barcode and QR-code

The Formdesk barcode generator offers the possibility to display a barcode in a message or PDF attachment after a form is submitted. In addition to the traditional barcode (1-dimensional) that was usually based on a unique number such as the entry id, we now also support the QR code (2-dimensional) which may contain much more information such as the name and address details as entered in the form.

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Does your organization perhaps use Microsoft Azure AD? Or maybe a different OpenId Provider?
Or would you like the person completing your form to identify themselves with their Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn login that they can also use to edit their previously entered answers?

Then the support of OpenID-Connect (OIDC) by Formdesk may very well be useful to you. With the support of OIDC, Formdesk offers comfort for the user (Single Sign-on) and for the administrator (Identity Management, IAM) and Formdesk further aligns itself with the policy of organizations in which this way of access control for external applications is used for a reason of management and security. Schools and universities affiliated with SURF can apply Single Sign-On with SURFconext. Organizations that work with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta, or any other IdP can have their employees log in using the method they are familiar with. In addition, Social Logins are supported from Google, Facebook, and Linkedin.
OIDC is available for users of the Formdesk account and for visitors to a login form.

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Multiple Supervisors

A Formdesk account could always have only 1 Supervisor who could do everything, the account holder. Now users can also be assigned supervisor rights. This way, multiple Supervisors can be created for one account.

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API tokens

Also new within the user management screen is the possibility to create API tokens. This is not a real user but more an entity with certain rights and an API key for access to the Formdesk SOAP API or REST API. API keys could and still can be assigned to users.

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