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Data collected with a form usually also needs to be cleaned up. This is not that complex for a temporary registration. Afterwards, the results will be processed and removed. With continuous forms it becomes a bit more difficult. Certain results can already be removed, but this does not apply to everything. Due to this somewhat time-consuming manual action that must be repeated time after time, data is often retained longer than necessary. And that is against the GDPR regulations. So it is our job to make this simpler and further automate it. And that is what we did as the screenshot below illustrates.

Retention periods can be set for the entire account by the supervisor. This can be overruled by the owner of a form. Form owners will be notified automatically by email if any changes have been made to the account.

Old method

Have you already used this functionality in a more limited form using: the <AutoRemove> tag in form documentation? This has now been automatically converted as a setting of the new retention periods function of the relevant form. This tag has been replaced by the text ‘Autoremove converted to retention periods’.

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