Validations and Field Formatting

With Formdesk you can easily set up basic validations for a form.


Basic validations

Use Formdesk validations to, for example:

  • specify for each question on the form whether a response is required;
  • set the maximum number of answers that can be selected for a multiple choice question;
  • determine whether a date field may be filled with a date in the past.

Open questions

Specify the type of information requested for text input queries, like an entry with a specific number of decimal places, an email address, zip code, phone number, VAT number, or license plate number. With basic validations enabled, Formdesk automatically checks the validity of the input and formats it while the visitor is typing.

Enhanced validations

If a certain basic validation is not available within Formdesk, you can usually create it yourself with the enhanced validations email. Where basic validations are only performed during submission of the form, enhanced validations can also be performed during input.


View the demo form to get an idea ofwhat you can do basic validations and formatting.

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