Webservice API

Other than working with Formdesk via our website, Formdesk offers a second option: the webservice. Formdesk webservice or API (Application Programming Interface) lets a computer program communicate with Formdesk via a standard protocol called SOAP.

By using our extensive webservice, you can automate commonly performed actions or better integrate Formdesk with your (automated) corporate processes. For example, let your accounting system, order system, or document processing system communicate with Formdesk. In combination with Formdesk Webhooks, the webservice offers powerful integral connection possibilities. In many cases you will have to have a (modest) application developed that takes care of the communication between your system and Formdesk. This piece of software (the connector) can be a stand-alone application but could also be developed and deployed within your existing system.

Some examples of commonly performed actions:

  • Prepopulate entries form load
  • Automatically login
  • Exchange submitted data
  • Update/remove/add submitted data
  • Update/remove/add form visitors

Consult our manual for more information or download our implementation guide for the  SOAP API or the REST API to see the supported functions and to get an idea of all the options our webservice offers.

To use the API, you will have to purchase API credits for € 50 per 5,000 credits. You will find 100 free API credits in your account to try out the webservice.

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