Webhooks to other apps

When a visitor completes and submits your form, the data is sent to the Formdesk database. Formdesk Webhooks allow you to simultaneously send this data to one or more other systems. For example, you can add a contact to your CRM system or register an order in your accounting system. It’s also possible to store a reply from one of these systems in your form. In combination with the Formdesk API, Webhooks offer powerful and integral connection possibilities.

Supported systems:

Formdesk supports almost any standard method for exchanging data:


Pre-defined Webhooks

Formdesk offers a number of pre-defined Webhooks with commonly used systems for you to choose from, such as Salesforce and Mailchimp. See the overview.

Store a reply in the form

Sometimes the receiving system sends a reply upon receipt of the data. This could, for example, be a unique ID number that identifies the stored data. These replies can be stored in (hidden) fields within the form.

PDF attachment

You can generate a document with the PDF generator and send it to the other system as an attachment. In the PDF document, you can include answers given in the form or a copy of the entire completed form.

Sending criteria

Using the Webhook’s sending criteria, you execute it selectively. After all, it may very well be the case that you do not want the data to be sent to the other system in all circumstances. For example, consider an order form that inquires whether the user would like to receive your newsletter. The Webhooks should then only be executed, when the visitor indicates he/she wants to receive the newsletter. Or perhaps you would only like to execute the Webhooks once the completed form is approved in the workflow.


This add-on is included in all business subscriptions and can be purchased for € 99 per year in addition to a standard subscription.

Try it out:
If this add-on is not part of your subscription, you can still try out this feature. You can send entered data to another system 25 times free of charge.

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