Quota Standard Subscription

To each Formdesk subscription quota apply regarding usage. Below you will find the overview of subjects to which quota apply. Choosing a subscription plan will depend on the intensity of usage. Should you expect the quota of our largest subscription plan not to be sufficient, or if you expect a temporary peak in usage, then please contact us for a fitting solution.

If one of the quota that applies to your subscription is exceeded, your form(s) will automatically become temporarily unavailable until you upgrade your subscription. You will never be automatically charged! When your form(s) have almost reached one of the quota, you will be notified by email.

Stored results

The number of form entries stored within your account. You can delete form entries from within your account yourself. You may also purchase extra storage for stored results for € 200 per 1.000 results per year.

Submissions per month

The number of forms submitted (or supplemented) within a calendar month. Technically this means that each time form entries are sent to our server, the submission counter will increase by 1 for the current month.

Requests per month

The number of times your forms are being requested by your visitors per month. Also counting as requests:

File upload space

The amount of disk space in megabytes used by uploaded files.

These files consist of images, text-files, etc, that respondents upload/attach along with the submitted form entries, if you allow them to. Also images used in the form itself, will count towards your file upload space. Extra file upload space can be purchased for € 50 per 250 MB per year.

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