Formdesk Barcode Scanner App

You can use your smartphone to scan barcodes (QR codes or traditional barcodes) generated by Formdesk.

How it works

    1. User completes your Formdesk form
    2. User receives an email (PDF attachment) with a unique barcode
    3. User prints out the confirmation/e-ticket
    4. Barcode is scanned on location
    5. Scanned barcode is validated and registered
    6. Optional: Email or SMS is sent out or webhook is executed




Formdesk combined with Formdesk Barcode Scanner App can provide many applications, a few examples to get an idea:


  1. Online e-tickets order form is filled in
  2. On entering the barcode is scanned at the ticket and checked for validity

Optionally, it is even possible to:

  • Be notified when a VIP is in a text message
  • When scanning see in which room the person must be
  • Continuously to see how many people are inside
  • Send SMS / Email message to all those present
  • By the bus driver to make sure everyone is inside

Exhibition Stand

  1. Invitations for visiting your booth sending by email using group email
  2. On your booth, you scan the barcode on the invitation so you know who has been there

Optionally, it is even possible to:

  • When scanning see directly the interests of the invitee
  • Sending an email message to all visitors after the exhibition

Gift vouchers

  1. Order form gift voucher is filled in
  2. When using, the voucher is scanned, checked and set as used

Optionally, it is even possible to:

  • When scanning the amount of the voucher will appear
  • Send a message email / SMS when the voucher is scanned
  • Send a predefined SMS message (specified when ordering the voucher) to the recipient




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