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Due to success we enhanced the Formdesk Barcode Scanner App, among a performance increase the brand new update adds the following features:

  • Single / Multi-scan
  • QR Login

Now demonstrated in a new animation

Single / Multi-scan

The Multi-scan allows you to scan and check a submitted form several times at a maximum. The maximum number of scans can be a fixed number but also an amount specified in the form or the result of a calculation This makes the app suitable for for instance:

  • Multiple person entry tickets
  • Consumption vouchers

QR Login

Will you be scanning together with others? Let them easily login automatically and adapt settings by scanning a QR code. This concerns the following settings:

  • Login (so no login is required)
  • Form
  • Update identifier
  • Scan mode
  • Count identifier (depending on scan mode)
  • Max identifier (depending on scan mode)
  • Identifiers to show
  • Process messages
  • Autoscan

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