Secure Data Transfer

Data transmissions over the web can be intercepted for a non-secure connection.


The Secure Data Transfer feature offers you the following options regarding secure data transmission or the security of your form’s result entries.

User submits the form entry over a secure connection

Data transmissions over the web can be intercepted for a non-secure connection. Formdesk uses a SSL encryption to secure the connection. SSL (or Secure Socket Layer) is the industrial standard security protocol for safely transmitting data over the web. This protocol offers data privacy, integrity verification and confidentiality. Your users will notice the lock icon at the bottom of their browser window, and also the URL starting with https indicating the secure connection.

More and more demands are being made on SSL connections and associated certificates. Qualys, a recognized authority in this area, provides an opportunity to test the quality of an SSL connection using Formdesk aims for its domains (for example, an A rating.

To secure the connection to your form, start your link as httpS://www.formdesk.COM/your_form_folder/your_form_name. Immediately the form will be presented over a secure connection. If you want to make sure all users fill in your form over a secure connection, an option is available to you that will always re-route users from a non-secure (http) connection to a secure connection (https).

Formdesk sends email messages to you and/or the visitor

Email messages can also be intercepted. Therefore Formdesk offers the ability to send the automatic response as an email attachment. The attachment can be an encrypted PDF or zip file and requires a password to open. This applies to both the autoresponder sent to your respondents and for the email notification sent to yourself.

The password for the automatic response will be generated automatically by Formdesk. You can communicate this password over a secure connection (https) using the Message after form submission option on the Settings tab, section ‘Post submission page’. It’s also possible to communicate the password using an SMS message to a telephone number that was filled-in on the form.

Log in on your account

And finally, viewing data within your own account will always automatically be done via a secure connection. Even when you don’t have the additional feature SSL.


This add-on is included in all business subscriptions and can be purchased for € 99 per year in addition to a standard subscription.

Try it out:
If you have a trial account and wish to take full advantage of this feature, we would be happy to activate the feature for you. You can request activation using the ‘Help request’ button in the bottom right corner of the screen from within your Formdesk account.

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