Enhanced Validations

When you have forms with several fields, users often forget or incorrectly fill out certain fields. With Formdesk, you can set up extensive validations that check the form for inconsistencies and omissions. Think of validations like:

  • Is the end date after the start date?
  • If the user specified to be kept informed, is email address specified?
  • Are there still places available in the workshop the user selected?
  • Has the same color been selected twice?
  • Has this email address been submitted before?

These and many other input validations can be easily set with Formdesk.


In addition to basic validations, the enhanced validations enable you to define your own checks for an entry or combination of entries. Setting up validations can be done very flexibly and checks can be performed directly, while the user inputs data.

This option is very powerful when it checks the result of a calculation or an answer that was retrieved by a lookup.

Take a look at our demo form to get an idea of what this feature has to offer.



This feature can be purchased for € 99,00 per year in addition to standard while it is included in all business subscriptions.

Try it out:
If this feature is not included in your subscription it can still be evaluated. You can use 1 validation per form. If you still have a trial account and you wish to take full advantage of this feature, we’d be happy to activate the feature in advance. You can request activation using the “Help request” button on the bottom right of the screen from within your Formdesk account.

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