New layout features


  • Google web fonts support
  • Small caps support
  • Transform to uppercase, lowercase, capatilized
  • Adjustable letter spacing
  • Adjustable line height
  • Adjustable color and style hyperlinks


  • Background gradience and direction support
  • Background color transparancy support
  • New background images library (royalty free)
  • Background images set to full screen


  • Support for rounded border corners
  • Adjustable shadow: Inset/Outline, positioning, blur and spread

Text fields

  • Adjustable space around the text
  • Prefix icon support
  • Adjustable color transparancy
  • Placeholder support

Multiple choice questions

  • Fully customizable: color, size, roundings, shadow, border width, symbol
  • Adjustable space between choices

Help popup

  • New help icons
  • Adjustable icon color (transparancy)
  • Adjustable icon height


  • Adjustable space around the text
  • Adjustable mouse over (hover) color
  • Adjustable alignment (left/center/right)
  • Button layout may be applied to scrollbars


  • Adjustable top / bottom margin within the form
  • Adjustable alignment form content
  • Background color active question
  • Color asterisk mandatory questions
  • Favicon supoort
  • New line settings: width, length, style, color, alignment, top and bottom margin

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