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If you want to (temporarily) close a Formdesk form to prevent it from being filled in, you can specify an expiration date. Alternately you have the option to specify a response limit. We just added 2 new options to close a form:

Instant deactivation

You can now instantly deactivate a form using the menu of the form within the Forms Summary. If someone tries to open the form, a message will appear saying that the form is closed.


Specify a starting date

In addition to the option to specify an expiration date and time, you can now also specify a starting date and time on which the form must become available and thus will be closed until. To set this option, edit your form, go to the Settings tab, section Checks & Validations. You can specify your own message that will be shown when the closed form is loaded.


A form that is closed can be recognized by the red dot that appears to the right of the form in the Forms Summary. If you mouse over the dot the reason why the form is not active will appear.


Orange dot

New on this is the orange dot that warns you that the form is to be closed because either the expiration date will be passed within 3 days or 90 % of the response limit has been reached.

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