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We just installed a new version of Formdesk. A great part of it concerns the new layout options but there are many more new functionalities to announce.

Extensive layout options

Using the new layout options almost every imaginable corporate identity or modern look can be applied to your form such as:

  • Completely customizable bullets and check boxes for multiple choice questions
  • Google web fonts
  • Background color for the active question
  • Prefix icon in text field
  • Placeholders for text fields

And much more, view the complete list.

View the themes based on the new layout settings.

TIP: Give you form more space for a modern look: Just give more space to fields, greater line spacing and more space between items.

E-mail messages upon form submission

For the email messages that are sent after the form has been submitted, we have added the following settings:

Specify one or more reply addresses: If an e-mail message sent by Formdesk is answered, the e-mail addresses the answer is sent to was determined automatically. You can now specify the answer addresses yourself if you prefer.

DKIM: Increasingly, (governmental) organizations have the policy that e-mail messages have to be digitally signed using DKIM. We now offer the possibility to do this.

More information about the handling of e-mail messages.

All forms over HTTPS

Because HTTPS has become the standard for web forms, it is now available for every plan. It is no longer part of the ‘Secure data transfer’ add on.

Merge codes in e-mail attachment

In the setup of a Formdesk email message you can specify a file to be attached. This file may now contain merge codes which enables you to provide it of system data or answers given in the form. This allows you, for example, to format a specific XML or to send a calendar appointment file.

Receive recurring payments

For the payment provider Mollie it is now possible to set a recurring payment collection with an interval as well as the number of debits (euro support only).

Webhook feature extended

The webhook now offers even more possibilities to link with other systems:

  • The headers are made completely adjustable
  • Support for PUT / DELETE / PATCH methods
  • With multiple webhooks the order of execution is adjustable
  • Form encoding is now adjustable (Form data / Raw payload)

More information about the new webhook possibilities.

Hide questions

When editing / adding a question you can hide the question text under Extra. Reasons for doing this may be:

  • In order to meet the accessibility requirements so that a screen reader can read out what kind of answer is expected
  • To clarify certain overviews where the question is shown
  • To enforce that Formdesk does not reserve space for an empty question

Furthermore . . .

File names
The filename of a file submitted with a form is now preceded by the entry id. This way it is immediately clear which file(s) belong to which completed form.

Icons in the form
The calendar icon has been changed and the item for sending files now uses an icon instead of a button. These icons are part of the font so the color and the size are adapted from the font you set.

You can hide labels that are not used by you using the check box at the bottom left of the forms overview.

Indicators in the Questions tab
If you have hidden a question, it will be displayed with a crossed out eye. And in grid view mode you will see a symbol for items you have given a fixed width. This can help, for example, to find out why a form has a certain width.

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