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The following layout options have been added for even more control and flexibility in formatting a Formdesk form:

Specify a left and right margin for within the form.

A form is located within a page. The margins of a page enables you to set the exact position of your form. But sometimes you may also want to set a margin within the form itself. By default this margin is set to 3 pixels. When you use an iframe you may want to have no margin. Or if you have set a border or a background color to your form you may want to set a larger margin. The margins within the form can now be set as well, in the ‘Form layout’ section of the Layout tab.


Specify a fixed width in pixels for:

  1. Questions
  2. Answer Areas
  3. Input fields:
    • Text fields
    • Long text fields
    • Listboxes

You can specify a standard width in the Layout tab and overwrite it per form item.

Normally, the width of the question or answer area is determined by the space that would ideally be needed. if, however, you set a fixed width then it will never be smaller and only be increased if its content would otherwise not fit.

Text fields could always be given a width in characters. Now you can specify the width in pixels as well and you will be able to set it to a listbox too enabling you to set an equal width for text fields and listboxes


Different line types are now supported and in date fields, the calendar / format display can be disabled.

Soon a next phase of further layout formatting will be introduced.

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