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upload-5xWe are happy to report that from today you now have more file storage space available and that you can receive large files

More file space:

In itself a form system has not much to do with files since form entries are stored in a database. Except of course, files
being uploaded by your user along with the form entries. The last couple of years we experienced a great increase of forms that request one or more files. Also the file sizes have become much larger. This has increased the demand for more file storage and it made us decide to make changes to our infrastructure accordingly. Additionally, when buying extra file space you now get 5 times more for the same price!

Uploading large files:

Furthermore, we made it possible for the respondent to send large files right through the browser limitations. Where previously the maximum of total file space was 13 MB per submission, there is now no longer a limitation. That is, as long as it is no more than the number of MB’s associated with the subscription.

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