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We have created a predefined item that will allow you to determine the distance between 2 locations. After specifying 2 locations, the distance, straight or by car, as well as travel time will be determined based on the Google Maps route calculation.

Possible applications:

  • Calculation of travel expenses for a declaration form
  • Force a minimum / maximum distance
  • To conduct miles registration

View the travel declaration form where the travel distance is determined between 2 locations.

Use it in your form

  • Add a new item
  • Choose “Predefined Item”
  • Choose “Geo – Determine distance”
  • Choose “OK”

You can make further settings (eg.  show map) within the script. Just double-clicking the script symbol.


  • It is possible to add multiple instances of this predefined element to your form. You’ll need to customize the identifiers in the script.
  • Enter the company name in the location field,  it will automatically be converted to the appropriate address (if Google Maps recognizes it).
  • If one of the locations is fixed, hide this item and set the fixed address as the default value.
  • You can remove the fields you don’t use.

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